Unetice with P+P

Small tribute to H&B Bechers

 In the brewery pub

Jirik on board

Off to Prague


Easter In The Mountains

Morning - hotel Srni

Climbing the Jeleni mountain trail

View of the two-peaked Roklan mt.

Lau got trapped here

 ...after a shot of schnaps


 Vchynicko-Tetovsky kanal - a waterway our ancestors used to navigate timber in





U Klokočníka reopening

Legendary Prague's pub U Klokocnika came to life again! You might have seen this place in the 2010 Obcansky prukaz movie (worth watching). For about a year the place was closed and nobody really knew if it ever opens again. It finally did this February. The interior was redone which some of the former guests don't really applaud to. Another reason for bitching about is rare availability of Kácov - their long time favourite beer. Thanks to H3T architects smoke-soaked walls and decorations are gone but most will agree the atmosphere is still there...probably because the lovely beer garden remained untouched and "thanks" to the very proximity of the Pankrác jail which has always stirred the black humor here.



Český ráj (Bohemian paradise) road trip

Day 1: Starting out on Lake Mácha (Bezděz Castle in the very back)

Ahoy, responsible sailor - just a half pint!
(...knocked and spilled it a second afterwards)

stopover for some roadside mushroom picking (Laetiporus sulphureus)

leftover corn tasting

"burčák" sunset - irresponsible drinking this time around (my guts are about to explode)

posing for a couple shot next to the way of the cross chapel
(the camera is barely hanging on a tree branch)

our private goodbye to the sun

Day 2: sometimes one just can't resist taking postcard shots. Trosky (left) and Hrubá skála

two (or rather three) important details to be found here

Only total morons carve into rocks...

...and there's apparently loads of them.

back to our base Lau is writing her "travelogodiary"