Oslava bike trip

Why not start a 75km bike trip getting a flat tire straight away?!

 all fixed! cruising along the Oslava river is such a pleasure

among local tramps, holidaymakers...

 ...and indians! We were politely greeted by them

 Beautiful narrow trails - Ivan getting all set for some serious descending.

 another summer camp

 Ivančice u Brna - river chillout

accidental Wes Anderson


Everything is great about this pub in the village of Troubsko.
They serve the best bread ever, make tasty snacks and have really outstanding Dalešice beer.



Kersko trip

 A piece of 90s in the woods close to the town of Nymburk.

 Locals say the plan of Kersko neighborhood (40 km² in total) looks like a fern leaf with a rectangular network of roads and paths. Almost every cottage has a generous space around.
The sandy ground does not allow to grow anything more than wild strawberries.

 A strong, ever present longing for an unreachable seaside...

 Bohumil Hrabal's summer house [wiki]

 very happy about this one

 lazy afternoon shooting with Pepa

 ...on the way to Semice

alongside the Labe river

 I hardly ever give names to my photos - but thinking of a nickname - well
"The Gramophone shot" suits here just right.



Dymník - Rauchberg

 The top of Dymnik (516 m) is located near the town of Rumburk. At the very top there is a lookout tower named after the councilor, August Wenschuch who let it built at his own expense in 1896 on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday and devoted it as a gift to the town.

 When propane fails and the going gets tough, ancient indigenous techniques have to be employed!

...resulting into a very nice cup of coffee

We smell of fire and we like it very much.
Bye Dymnik!

Abraumförderbrücke F60

The F60 was built by VEB TAKRAF Lauchhammer in Lichterfeld from 1989 to 1991. It is the largest movable industrial machine ever built. This brown coal conveyor bridge worked just from March 1991 to June 1992. After only 13 months of operation, the F60 was shut down because of reasons related to energy policy. The opencast mine Klettwitz-Nord, where the F60 was located, was closed.

it is here

The steel construction is also known as the „Horizontal Eiffel Tower of Lusatia“. With a total length of 502 meters, the F60 beats the Eiffel Tower, which is 182m shorter.

Thanks to a handful of enthusiasts, led by the local council of Lichterfeld, and to Elke Löwe, a landscape architect from Senftenberg, the F60 could escape its fate. They realized the potential of the bridge, which combines old and new, being not only a symbol of the industrial heritage of the region, but a sign of the structural change as well.


„The F60 is a godsend for the Lausitz region, for Brandenburg and for the whole of Germany“.
[former Federal President Johannes Rau 2003]

74m above ground

Glück auf!


London Calling - Season 2

 Arrived to London on a sunny Friday afternoon.

 Our airbnb is right above this bar!

 We met the house lady, drank some Stellas and went for an afternoon walk to Docklands.

Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage!

Let's grab some supplies and have a barbecue on our terrace, mates!

 Steaks, chicken curry marinated thighs, veggies and beer from "our" bar downstairs.
Several pints of good Guinness :) happy!

Next morning and full English breakfast in a proper local bistro. Choose love.

 Off to Brixton.

...but Cutty Sark first. I've never been to her before. She's huge!
I couldn't even fit her on a film frame so I decided to compose this "ran-over sea urchin" shot :)

David Bowie mural / Brixton

 Brixton. Roman is strangely gloomy. Too much unusual things and people I guess. To lift the spirits we went to the Brixton Village, popped in a jerk chicken joint and feasted on a fantastic tamarind one with mango and habanero dipping sauce. We topped it with homemade spicy ginger beers.

 I don't usually shoot other people's art but this actually has something to do with my friend's emotions.

Sunday weather was not great but at least we managed to get to the Imperial War Museum.
Really cool exhibitions, deeply touching stories and some great coffee too.