Meet Giuseppe

I met Giuseppe (76) not far from his house in Vittoria Emanuelle street (Catania). He was sitting in front of a local church observing the buzz around. We tried to chat a bit however our conversation didn't make much sense due to my poor italian vocab. Wish I could ask him more things than just the function of his oxygen device and morning walks around his place. During our second meeting he introduced me to his friend calling me "mio amico Thomasso". He liked pidgeons and so did the birds like him.


Meet Gianluca!

Gianluca runs a designer Art Shop Kuken in Catania (Sicily). Half year ago he refurbished an abandoned place with some friends. He calls his shop his "bambino" and keeps tuning all details even you might feel it's almost perfect. Alimony for his baby make around a grand a month. Gianluca is a writer, publicist and an artist as well. He likes Kafka, oldschool Hip Hop and sweet liqueurs.