Tribute to L-29

One foggy morning I found this retired L-29 Dolphin jet plane parked next to the Brno Technical Museum (CZ). Got a little bit nostagic about this rusting fella and decided to make a short photostory consisting of pics dated back to 1964 when there was a massive cold war air show in Sliač (SK).

under command of Mjr. Mareček

Mjr. Patrik



Backyard jibbing

       Here is a backyard jib [1][2] selection for the off season! Spots were carefully selected from around Scandinavia. For a greater pleasure there may occur humans.
[1] Using man-made elements such as rails, ledges, stairs, benches, and banks as obstacles in a sport normally performed in a natural setting.
[2] Normally a term in secondary schools in England seeing as most of the other definitions are nothing like what it means in school. It is the act of skipping lessons by hiding out somewhere usually in the school grounds. Most Jibbers usually are in groups of two to five. 


Meet Ujo

Me and Laura met this man at a regular flea market in Bratislava. He spotted us buying an antique frame which he was interested in as well. After a series of compliments to our choice followed by big ups to my camera he introduced us his idea of me somehow making a photo version of Hájnikova žena (The Gamekeeper´s Wife) a novel by Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav. However we did not really get it Ujo put a massive trust in our skills and insisted on us making his idea come true. What a huge ego booster! We had to think about that stuff for a while though :)