Well done mate!

aka unofficial meet series set - Vojta Číp

I met Vojta for the first time in 2007 together with all his crew mates and some guys I had already known just by their nicknames from a photoserver. Besides it's been a bunch of cool photo-geeks the original crew had some pretty interesting rules and habbits. Must say their former official structure makes us laugh every time it comes into talk. The chairman, the vice-chairman and external members to hang out with. Vojta (the vice-chairman) has always been the life and soul of every party to us. That's probably why it took him so long to get his master degree ;) Nah just kidding. Today he finally made it! Well done sir, this is a bloody messed up tribute to you...

notorious joker at his best

always looking serious while doing crazy/weird/unexpected things

"Come on, the weekend has landed!"

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