Afternoon at Papa Nurdin´s Place

In search of sea nomads/sea gypsys (so-called Baju or Bajo), we set sailed for a village about 15minutes from Kadidiri island (Togian archipelago-Sulawesi). Our mission was to both explore this settlement and heal Laura´s aching back.

Local physiotherapist Papa Nurdin is a well known and respected person among the entire community. During the Ramadan he´s not allowed to work (i.e. massage women) which means you have to wait almost till the sunset. Talking about the massage, Papa proved to be a pro and despite the language barrier he managed to relieve the pain. He hardly ever mentions the price or even talks about the money. It´s totally up to his client how much to pay him. The act of paying itself is supposed to happen as a thankful handshake basically hiding a note into his palm.

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