Morning At Lake Batur

The caldera of Bali´s largest lake is populated and includes the two main villages of Kedisan and Toya Bungkah. As the largest lake in Bali, Danau Batur is sacred to the Balinese. The locals largely rely on agriculture (tomatoes, garlic) and fishing for income. There is some significant profit coming from hot springs and related tourism as well.

Every morning Urat and his son Nenga go fishing. During the night the temperature drops to 10°C. Around 5:30 A.M. they are already afloat setting nets. Meanwhile other villagers, who abandoned traditional way of fishing by keeping fish in floating hatcheries, are still sleeping at home.

Keeping fish in such hatcheries improved the standard of living of the locals but brought some potential risks to the original wildlife in the lake. Diseases and infections tend to spread faster in warmer waters. Fish feeding brings unnecessary nitrates causing enormous growth of cyanobacteria. Currently there are two large hatcheries afloat.

Urat´s grandchildren practice fishing skills in a concrete water tank to supply a local bistro.

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