Recently I got a feedback from my mate Vojta: "Kind of depressive stuff, yo..". Nothing more, nothing less just enough to make me thinking about my subconscious while taking the "December (part II)" photographs. To be honest I never got such a feedback before. 2011 year´s X-mas was a real breakthrough in our family. In fact this was a first time we spent the 24th December together with grandparents from my mother´s side. Before we moved they typically came on the 25th to our small flat and left in the evening. Our new home enabled us to spend a couple of days together without being packed like sardines, without a serious danger of arguments, providing plenty of both physical and mental space to all of us. What´s more I got a feeling that some old family disputes were dissolved as a charm. So where is the depression? Well, speaking about a new beginnig would be just fine in case we were all immortal. It´s easy as that. My grandparents got old and I realized it. Intentially I didn´t write such commentary right underneath the set probably waiting for a reaction like that. Although I am aware of the poor photographic quality this feedback means really something to me.
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