Happening (vysl. hepenynk)

Happening je výraz se širší škálou významů. Může označovat mítink, příležitostné mimořádné shromáždění. Některé slovníky uvádějí jako základní nebo dokonce jediný význam používání netradičních uměleckých forem a prvků (například divadelních, výtvarných nebo hudebních) se záměrem šokovat nebo provokovat diváky a vtahovat je do akce. [Nový akademický slovník]

Dobré umění by mělo mít více vrstev.. [Roman Týc]

Úspěch! Diváci vtaženi do akce!



Keeping pictures alive

Aristotle once said: "Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life." He also said: "We are what we repeatedly do". Assuming both as a photographer...what is the meaning and purpose of taking pictures?

In the summer of 2008 I hitchhiked the Icelandic ringroad having shot loads of Kodak E100VS slides, some Portras and a roll of BW PAN400 in an abandoned fish factory in Djúpavík. Back home I sacrificed more than a week to developping, scanning and adjusting. As a result I arranged a classic slideshow for friends and organized a small exhibition in a café in Brno dedicated to the village of Djúpavík. It was a great thrill, fun and I guess we all enjoyed the fuzz. Well that´s it and that´s all...fair enough, one would say. However these days all of the prints are tucked under my bed, the slides are burried in boxes and one fine print is hanged in my room. Practically the pictures are far from being alive. A year after coming back from Iceland I joined facebook and ran into a group called Ísafjörður. Some members had already posted a couple of pictures. Those were mostly landscapes but no people. This brought me to an idea of posting some of my pictures of Ísafjörður there. Obviously I wondered if anyone would recognize yet to me unknown characters. And it worked :) I´m not a big fan of fb...but hey!? Reactions made me feel happy and cheered other folks up. Actually the photos got a new sense - to make someone happy.


Three days in Belgium

In the streets of Brussels

Happy triumphant at Grote Markt

Near Le Grand Café

While I was chasing this pidgeon Lau went into a bistro to get some tissues..still cold and sneezing.

...Lau's cold live

view from Laura's window


Day to Bruges!

Cloudy day in Bruges

Last day - partly cloudy, afternoon rain. Highlights: flamboyant dinner in a fish restaurant (white wine, pot of garlic mussels and fries, creme brulée, espresso), Tintin's shop, young lads (probably drunk) dressed like lunatics playing football in the rain + in the main square (no acceptable frames found on the negative, sorry), public toilets with a waterfall,..

Took this one on our way home. Afternoon rain - time to grab some beer and watch Life in a Day by Ridley Scott.



Trpaslík fotící obrův banán


BONUS: First barbecue in 2012!


Our Exchange Project


Bring something to a country you travel. E.g. a toy or a souvenir you don't really fancy having at your shelf but which could possibly make somebody happy and start a whole chain of exchange, fun and communication.

It was surprising how many questions called up a simple Balinese hat given by a born Sumatranese guy living on Java when we brought it to Togen Islands (Sulawesi)

While traveling you are likely to meet people you would love to thank for anything (giving you a lift, showing the way, ..saving your life :) Well this could be the perfect situation to start your exchange project. Note that you can obviously do this just for fun without that gratitude element or simply customize it according to your own vision or philosophy.

Tell them about your idea. Basically the thing is to start a chain of voluntary exchanges and make things travel. It's totally up to the acceptor what to change with you. Tell him/her you will exchange that stuff with someone else soon. This part is important because it influences their choice. In fact they are not giving a present but a future topic for conversation with the next acceptor/donor you will run into. They are sending a friendly hello and spreading the idea.

This exchange project could be a good idea when traveling via couchsurfing as well.