Our Exchange Project


Bring something to a country you travel. E.g. a toy or a souvenir you don't really fancy having at your shelf but which could possibly make somebody happy and start a whole chain of exchange, fun and communication.

It was surprising how many questions called up a simple Balinese hat given by a born Sumatranese guy living on Java when we brought it to Togen Islands (Sulawesi)

While traveling you are likely to meet people you would love to thank for anything (giving you a lift, showing the way, ..saving your life :) Well this could be the perfect situation to start your exchange project. Note that you can obviously do this just for fun without that gratitude element or simply customize it according to your own vision or philosophy.

Tell them about your idea. Basically the thing is to start a chain of voluntary exchanges and make things travel. It's totally up to the acceptor what to change with you. Tell him/her you will exchange that stuff with someone else soon. This part is important because it influences their choice. In fact they are not giving a present but a future topic for conversation with the next acceptor/donor you will run into. They are sending a friendly hello and spreading the idea.

This exchange project could be a good idea when traveling via couchsurfing as well.


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