Three days in Belgium

In the streets of Brussels

Happy triumphant at Grote Markt

Near Le Grand Café

While I was chasing this pidgeon Lau went into a bistro to get some tissues..still cold and sneezing.

...Lau's cold live

view from Laura's window


Day to Bruges!

Cloudy day in Bruges

Last day - partly cloudy, afternoon rain. Highlights: flamboyant dinner in a fish restaurant (white wine, pot of garlic mussels and fries, creme brulée, espresso), Tintin's shop, young lads (probably drunk) dressed like lunatics playing football in the rain + in the main square (no acceptable frames found on the negative, sorry), public toilets with a waterfall,..

Took this one on our way home. Afternoon rain - time to grab some beer and watch Life in a Day by Ridley Scott.

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