Wild Garlic Urban Hike

 Sunday afternoon - a perfect time for a bit of a struggle
with treacherous urban terrain

on the slopes of Vítkov hill - Prague.

 Instead of wild garlic we found nothing but fields of wild chives,

 Nordic Ice,


..and this cliff.


Descending we ended up right on the tracks.


Wehey, here comes urban Tarzan ..almost safe and sound!



Summer Camp DIY

Evča - the production manager

Laura - the flowermaker

TomTom - the one with borrowed clothes
Lůca - the one knitting a frog
(by Lau)


"Easter Bunny is as big as a house! I'm scared!"

 "Teddy.. ready, steady, Teddy, go!"

 "...and I can read as well!"

 "Why don't we just add more purple polka dots?!"

 "If you step on the ladder you go up and if you step on the snake you go down."
"My favourite picture is Donald Duck."

 "I'll make you special hair."

"Girls, put on your wellies!"

"I have eight eggs, how much do you have? Daddy, she has nine...!"