Finland - Roadtrip

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Chilly morning at Lake Päijänne

Our camp - last night Barca made a delicious mushroom risotto!

Morning coffee stopover in the town of Kuhmoinen. It's strawberry season.

It's Wednesday morning and Helsingin Sanomat features a bear-kiss on the cover! As you do...

small town parking lot

Finns play fruit machines .. a lot .. 9:00 A.M.

Ski slope / meadow

Arrived to the west coast. Kaskinnen-Kaskö seaside town - so, where is the sauna? Let's ask this gentleman.

Here, in this harbor cottage!

 Sauna .. just for two of us!

 First time in a sauna together - happy as ever :)

That was perfect..! We need to start going in Prague as well.

Dinner time: grilled cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and bread


Tonight we go to sleep around midnight. White nights are something not easy to get used to...

Morning coffee in a town of Kristinestad..

 ..and a fleeing car-loving cat.. guilty pleasure

Pori ... brilliant, bloke has just taken a leak

Our next wild camp - Rauma

Cooked fish with dill, onions and potatoes.. beach, pine trees and sand.
It's been very dry lately. This time we are very careful with fire.

Merikarvia stopover

Hungry...we bought a whole grilled chicken and ate it all! Barca seriously ate like a ton of meat.

Finns LOVE the US

Turku, our favourite city. Trying to find one, here we realized there are just few public saunas in Finland.
Every true Finn has his own...naturally.


On the road again - heading for the last camp

Perfect spot. Watching water birds fly. Peace. We are silent, meditate and draw.


Hyvästi suomi


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