London Calling


Peckham Rye overground

Brixton / East Dulwich neighborhood


The Shard - view from Southwark

Enjoying breakfast at Ben's place (peanut butter, blueberries, toast, coffee)

Morning in Shoreditch - Kingsland Basin

Canal Walk

ahoy there!

Proper lunch at Jamie's. Beef tender as a wedding cake and more!

"Mi a guh get sumting fi eat!" Peckham, top notch Jamaican jerk chicken nearby

cloudy Saturday morning in Peckham


 ...and voila, here comes the sun!

Kensington - Embassy of The Czech Republic, London
queuing Czech citizens

Barca voting - it's parliamentary elections back in CZ

Soho donuts - had one in bitter memory of Andrej Babis

Some bloke - Kensington

even statues need some rest... Covent Garden

Leicester Square tube scene - shortly before leaving for Heathrow

Piccadilly line to Heathrow - suburbs

Bye London!

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