Ice Skating

Normally Hamersky rybnik (pond) in Prague Zabehlice does not freeze. At least it does not get "skateable". But not this winter! Went there twice and it wasn't bad at all :)

It doesn't get more natural when it comes to ice hockey. You put your skates on, make goals of boots or backpacks and play a fair match. Watching them play was somehow satisfying. Unlike the game you see on TV, these guys don't wear any special gear which means they play nice and slow. And as a bonus you even see the puck!

Those two were playing shootouts against each other. The dad commented on his son's moves like a proper ice hockey speaker calling him Gretzky, Jagr or Hasek when the kid was playing goalie.

There is not so much you can do outdoors when it is freezing in the city but ice skating totally made my day. Anytime again :)

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