Sleeping Under the Stars

Vojta and Bara came to Prague for a weekend. First night Altenburg 1964 - edgy but nice riverside place to hang out and chill. Saturday morning we went to Bohdalec to pick wild blackberries and explore the remains of Obecna skola (movie by dir. Sverak - totally worth seeing). Then proper Vietnamese lunch in Prague Malesice, Klicov orchard exploration and back home to watch Tour de France. What now? According to Bara the weather was going to be good so why don't we go and sleep under the stars at the Homolak lake.

Just when we arrived first raindrops started to fall. Instantly Vojta became gloomy and suggested to have a swim and travel back to Prague. "It's also THOSE PEOPLE everywhere", he said commenting on about a dozen of folks scattered around in distance. Whatever, let's jump in the warm water!

 This is our brand new stylish towel we bought at the Vietnamese market!


It's 8 PM and our camp is ready. I had chopped down some birches and together we built a shelter for three. It is not about should I stay or should I go for Vojta anymore. The trees had fallen, the campfire is ready - our tribe is staying.

The night was so so. The beer we brought helped us to fall asleep quite fast. After midnight it began to drizzle. Not much but just enough to make you wake up and feel wet and grumpy before sunrise.

It's 6AM, we are up and hungry. All wood is damp. No fire this time. It stopped raining and our mood is getting better.

 Whatever, we brought some coldbrew coffee and cottage cheese with our blackberries. Lovely!

 Time to take a photo of our shelter and off we go.

 One last photo of the landscape around Homolak.

Rising sun on our way home. Tired but very happy.

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